A guide to inheriting jewellery

Inheriting Jewellery can raise very mixed raw emotions. Grief over the loss of someone treasured can be sad and painful; inheriting a piece of jewellery that was cherished and dearly loved by that special person can bring comfort and solace at a time of sorrow.  What should one do with inherited jewellery?  Don’t rush into any decisions, take your time.  Inheriting a piece of Heirloom Jewellery is a treasure, representing past events and memories belonging to a single person or many years of generational family history.

Michael Platt will advise; they are specialist in handling all types of inherited jewellery sympathetically, aware that many items may not have high intrinsic worth but will be priceless in sentimental value.  It is sensible to let a Professional Goldsmith examine the piece to determine its condition. If it is old, it is likely to be very worn and thin with stones insecure in settings.  Understanding the desires of many clients to keep the integrity of worn pieces, Michael Platt are true experts in making precise reproduction bespoke pieces, identically replicating the original, often intricate, ‘Vintage’ design.




This gives new life and longevity to the jewellery for the present and can be passed on to future generations, allowing the piece to be worn on a daily basis. Over many years the Goldsmiths at Michael Platt have adapted and modified inherited jewellery to enable relatives to have something tangible to touch and wear, giving the new owner an extra feeling of connection to those that are dear to them. Recently the Goldsmiths, were able to take a pair of simple square silver cufflinks and make each into a silver ring, giving both daughters something of their late father’s to be able to wear regularly.  A frequent request is to meld two wedding rings together.

It is recommend that inherited pieces be evaluated and, if of sufficient worth, fully insured.  Michael Platt will prepare a typed Valuation for Insurance purposes for this.

If you have inherited a beautiful piece of jewellery but it’s dated, worn out or just not to your taste, consider having the item completely redesigned.  A new piece, whether classic or contemporary, set with inherited stones will still be very meaningful.  It will allow the essence of the original owner to be captured in the jewellery and live on whilst having had a stylish update.

Inherited rings can become pendants, necklaces can become rings; the possibilities are endless.  Pieces can be divided and shared between family members in re-designed beautiful jewellery pieces.  Continuing to wear inherited jewellery in a new design can be the perfect way to honour a departed loved one and keep their memory close.

If you have inherited jewellery and would like some advice, do pop into or make an appointment at Michael Platt, Goldsmiths & Jewellers, Wimbledon Village, who will be pleased to guide you.