Are Diamonds Still a Girl’s Best Friend in 2019?


Sung about and made famous by Marilyn Monroe in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’, are diamonds still a girl’s best friend? For sure, diamonds definitely are desired and coveted and will never lose their classic appeal. A report issued by De Beers indicates that recent demand for diamonds and diamond jewellery was up, buoyant worldwide, with increased market share from newer markets such as China.

However, whilst diamonds have their fascination, glamour and charm, strongly associated to romance and love, not everyone wishes for a diamond. Demand and interest for coloured gemstone jewellery has definitely grown in the UK with some large rare coloured gems reaching record values priced far above diamonds.

Coloured gemstones come in the most magnificent array of hues and saturation of colours, from pale and delicate, to vivid and radiant through to deep and intense; they are deeply exciting and mesmerising in a totally different way to diamonds. Coloured gemstones have been used over the ages in important and famous pieces of jewellery and artefacts created by many of the leading Jewellery Houses, none more recognisable than the Crown Jewels. These priceless Jewels, on view for all to study in the Tower of London, encrusted in glittering memorable diamonds, are all the more enhanced with amazing rare gemstones of rubies, spinels, sapphires and emeralds.

History aside, today, beautiful, fun, affordable, alluring coloured gemstones are well represented and available in specialist knowledgeable jewellers, such as Michael Platt Goldsmiths & Jewellers. Blue sapphires, red rubies and green emeralds are the most easily recognisable traditional gemstones but in recent years the market has been excited by the introduction of newly found gemstones from all corners of the world.

Currently there is now far more availability of many wonderful brilliantly coloured lesser known gems whose true beauty is brought alive by the skill of specialist stone cutters using imaginative creative techniques Michael Platt, specialist Bespoke Jeweller and Goldsmith in Wimbledon Village, has a passion, excitement and appreciation of all fine quality coloured gemstones. Currently they offer a fantastic choice of coloured gems set in unique jewellery; deep hyacinth blue Tanzanite, perfect peachy Morganite (named after JP Morgan), mint green sparkling Merelani garnet, hot pink spinel,  regal purple amethyst, electric swimming-pool blue pariba tourmaline, warm green tsavorite, watery deep sea blue aquamarine, lime green peridot.

If you have never considered coloured gemstone jewellery before, Michael Platt is the specialist jeweller to visit. They have enthusiastic delight in sharing their passion for gems and introducing customers to some of the many available in stock. Coloured Gemstones in jewellery can be less formal and readily reflect unique personality and individualism in a way that diamonds never can.

Whatever your budget, Michael Platt specialise in working with customers, sourcing specific coloured gemstones and creating unique striking designs for settings. Some of the more unusual lesser known gems, where demand is presently low, can be surprisingly beautiful and far more financially accessible  than well establish gemstones. Andalusite, a pleochroic stone which appears different colours when viewed from different angles, in fine quality, has magnificent unique colourings, warm olive green shot with deep rustic orangey/brown, is a very attractive and reasonably priced gem.

If you think a unique coloured gemstone piece of jewellery is right for you or for someone special in your life, do pop into Michael Platt to see what’s available. For a unique piece there is no charge for consultation or initial drawings. With just a little extra thought and effort,  along with expert professional input and guidance from Michael Platt, an exceptional piece of jewellery can be created – once given will never be forgotten.