Jewellery Valuations

It is important that your jewellery is adequately insured. We recommend that jewellery is valued for Insurance Replacement purposes every two years or so.


Fluctuations in the value of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones are often influenced by world events, currency movements as well as supply and demand. Any increases (or decreases), therefore, are not usually linked to any economic price index. Items that are booked in with us for Valuation are fully inspected and assessed, with all stone settings checked. A typed Valuation with full item description is prepared. For Insurance Replacement Valuation purposes there is a £25 minimum charge which covers items up to a value £2,500 with a charge of 1% of the total value after that  ie £100 fee for jewellery valued at a  total of £10,000 (NB items of extremely high value are undertaken with an approximate calculated pre-arranged price or percentage). Once your items have been assessed we will contact you to let you know and you can collect them by bringing in the Repair Receipt you will be given; sometimes the typed Valuation is not ready at the same time. If this is so, you will be informed and if you do wish to collect your jewellery, the typed Valuation will be mailed directly to you within approximately a week.

We do like to be as speedy as possible with Valuations, however the turnaround really depends on exactly how busy we are at any given time with work ahead of yours. We have two people on site who undertake Valuations, our Senior Jeweller and Senior Sales.

If you do wish Michael Platt to Value your items and have more than 7 or 8 pieces, please make an appointment so we can ensure we have adequate time to book in and detail your items, less than this number, no appointment is necessary. If you have any relevant validating paperwork with your jewellery, ie original receipts/Diamond Certificates, please bring these with and the Certificate number will be noted on the Valuation against the relevant item.

Valuations can be obtained for modern, vintage and antique jewellery as well as certain watches. Valuations can also be undertaken for Probate and Divorce purposes, the charge for these Valuations is a minimum rate of £50 + 1% of the total value.

Make an Appointment

  • Please note, if you wish to bring in jewellery for repair, restoration or valuation of 6 items or less, it's not essential to make an appointment, please come to our Wimbledon Village shop with your items or call to speak to one of our colleagues – 020 8947 4772.

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Insurance Replacement

We are able to assist with complete replacement jewellery or replacement of gemstones or diamonds should you be in a situation which necessitates a claim through your Insurance Company.


General Jewellery Repairs are offered on site and are carried out by skilled Goldsmiths within our in-store Workshop, visible from the shop.

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