Jewellery Valuations

We are able to provide Valuations for Insurance Replacement Values, for Probate and for Divorce Proceedings; it is not possible to provide verbal valuations or undertake Valuations instantly.

It is important that your jewellery is adequately insured. We recommend that jewellery is valued for Insurance Replacement purposes every two years or so.


Fluctuations in the value of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones are often influenced by world events, currency movements as well as supply and demand. Any increases (or decreases), therefore, are not usually linked to any economic price index.

Items that are booked in with us for Valuation are fully inspected and assessed, with all stone settings checked. A typed Valuation with full item description is prepared.

For Insurance Replacement Valuation purposes there is a £50 charge plus 1% of the total value after that . Once your items have been assessed we will contact you to let you know and you can collect them by bringing in the Repair Docket you will be given.

We do like to be as speedy as possible with Valuations, however we do require your items to be booked in with us; the turnaround really depends on exactly how busy we are at any given time with work ahead of yours.

If you do wish Michael Platt to Value your items and have more than 7 or 8 pieces, please make an appointment so we can ensure we have adequate time to book in and detail your items, less than this number, no appointment is necessary. If you have any relevant validating paperwork with your jewellery, ie original receipts showing provenance and/or Diamond Certificates, please bring these with and the Certificate number will be noted on the Valuation against the relevant item. Please note that we can only accept a total number of 10-15 pieces of jewellery for Valuation at any one time.

Valuations can be obtained for modern, vintage and antique jewellery as well as certain watches.

Valuations can also be undertaken for Probate and Divorce purposes, the charge for these Valuations is £100 + £35 per item, watches at 1% of their value.

Probate Jewellery Valuations

Michael Platt value jewellery for probate purposes, providing valuations on earrings, diamond rings, bracelets and other family heirlooms jewellery. Probate Valuations are based on the likely amount you would receive for a pre-loved piece if you were to sell the jewellery to within the trade. We hold over 30 years of experience and provide a Probate Valuation with consideration being given to the, age of the piece(s), the stones, qualities, metal, and overall condition of the items.

If you wish to improve the appearance or condition of the piece(s), Michael Platt specialise in fine jewellery restoration, in-store which can include re-polishing chipped stones, replacing worn ring bands, re-tipping stone claws and building up setting edges and cleaning jewellery. We have extensive experience in restoring the most delicate pieces of jewellery and family heirlooms.

Alternatively, Michael Platt can re-design a brand new piece of jewellery, carefully and sensitively using inherited gems and diamonds which are so often of huge sentimental value to the new owners. This gives totally new life to pieces yet with the same familiar gemstones and diamonds, allowing delicate vintage items to be worn again with confidence and, in due course, passed on to future generations.

Please make an appointment with one of our staff members so we can undertake a Probate Valuation for you.

Jewellery Valuations for Insurance

Getting your jewellery valued for insurance purposes is essential in order to replace any items that may get lost or stolen. Engagement rings and anniversary jewellery gifts are usually highly sentimental and losing them can feel like a tremendous loss. However, having your items valued and priced accordingly for Insurance Replacement purposes ensures that you should easily be reimbursed the appropriate amount and receive a replacement in no time.

Our in-house Goldsmiths examine your jewellery and provide a written valuation for presentation to your insurance company.

To arrange a jewellery valuation for insurance replacement purposes, please come into the shop in Wimbledon or contact us to make an appointment if you have over seven items – with a maximum number of twenty-five items accepted at any one time.

Jewellery Valuations for Divorce

if you are, unfortunately, in the midst of a divorce, you may be asked to provide a Jewellery Valuation for Divorce Proceedings. We can help you with this.

The value of your jewellery is based on what the item is worth today if it were resold, as a pre-loved piece, not its original value or its insurance replacement value.

Michael Platt has been successfully valuing jewellery for over 30 years and, appreciate the delicate nature of the situation when dealing with divorce. Michael Platt will gladly be able to put your mind at ease and provide the necessary Valuation documentation that is required. If you are interested in valuing your jewellery for divorce purposes, please come into the shop in Wimbledon or contact us to make an appointment if you have over seven items.

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