Origin: Australia primary source, also Ethiopia, Brazil,  Mexico, USA

Birthstone: October

Each opal is distinctly original. Opal is formed from a solution of silicon dioxide and water. As water runs down through the earth, it picks up silica from sandstone, and carries this silica-rich solution into cracks and voids , caused by natural faults or decomposing fossils. As the water evaporates, it leaves behind a silica deposit. This cycle repeats over very long periods of time, and eventually opal is formed. Opal also contains water, sometimes as much as 30%, so great care must be taken with extreme changes in temperature.

Play of colour is the most important factor when it comes to Opal. Opals whose ‘play of colour’ flashes in the rare reds are generally more valuable than those with just blue and green. Black Opal is the most valuable variety, simply because of the contrast and intensity afforded by its black body colour. When ‘play of colour’ is present, its value lies in the brilliance, brightness and strength of colours displayed. The patterns of colour also affect value, with large patches of colour priced higher than those with small patches of colour.

Natural Gemstone Black Opal

The highly prized Australian opal is one of nature’s true works of art. Recognized as the premiere source, the Lightning Ridge area of New South Wales produces a very finite supply of this phenomenal stone and no two opals are exactly alike. Each masterpiece is a complex palette of colours in blue, green, orange yellow and/or red. As you move the opal around in the light, flashes of colour are revealed in the depths of the gem.

There are two broad classes of opal: precious and common.  Black opals are the most valuable precious variety of opal and it is distinguished by its black or dark ‘body tone’ which allows for the opal’s brilliant and vivid play of colour. Of all black opals, those with red tones and patterns will command the highest premium. Not all opals display a good play of colour, and they are referred to as ‘common opal’.

Australian Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal is a type of opal that is still connected to its host rock, which is usually an iron stone or fossilized sandstone. During Boulder Opal formation, silica-rich water seeps into cracks and forms opal, when the silica spheres align perfectly you get precious opal or opal with play-of-colour. The size of the silica determines the flashes of colour that you see. The smaller spheres will give you blue and then you go all the way up the rainbow to the largest sphere, red. Opal actually breaks light instead of reflecting it like most other gemstones. Light entering in the gem wraps around the silica sphere and causes the light to break into spectral colours. It is impossible to remove this opal from its host rock without damaging the opal and typically the seams of opal are so thin it would not be worth the effort. Buying rough boulder is hard, you never know what is on the inside and the risk is huge.

Australian Boulder Opals are the second most valuable type of opal (following Black Opal). Boulder Opals are easily distinguished by their layer of solid brown ironstone left on the back of the stone.  The thinness of the bar of colour in boulder opals means that a high cabochoned surface is extremely rare. Boulder opals usually have a flat surface or an undulating surface. Boulder opals are almost always cut in a freeform shape for this reason, to maximise the size of the stone.

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I have had several pieces designed by the lovely staff at Michael Platt in Wimbledon. The pieces have been much admired. My first visit was several years ago so when I wanted something designed and made with stones from other pieces of jewellery which were very sentimental I had absolutely no hesitation about bringing the project to the shop in Wimbledon. The staff are so helpful, warm, welcoming and informative. Great service and a delight to do business with. I have never been disappointed.

Frieda Houghton
New York

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I have had two stunning pieces of jewellery made by Michael Platt. One is a beautifully intricate diamond pendant and the other a spectacular dress ring reusing my own stones that have a lot of sentimental value. I am thrilled with both pieces. Wayne listened carefully to all my (very detailed!) requirements and followed them to the letter. This is a highly skilled team with amazing attention to detail and wonderful service. I am an absolutely delighted customer!

Walter Family

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My wife and I purchased a lovely bespoke entwined engagement & wedding ring from Michael Platt, 28 years ago. We visited in February this year to enquire about an eternity ring. Jordan was inspirational and used diamonds from a family heirloom. The design full complemented and sits beautifully with the original rings. It was a very pleasurable experience and we are both delighted with the result. Fantastic to know they are still offering great service and bespoke design.

Robert Vose

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Brilliant personal service every step of the way. I wanted a diamond engagement ring and was able to easily discuss different stones and design options with Grace sending sketches back and forth. I decided on an emerald cut stone with a platinum ring. Communication was excellent and the ring delivered on time and discreetly to an agreed address. I proposed by Lake Windermere having hidden the ring in the sandwich tin. A beautiful ring - my partner loves it!

Alex Boyce

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I cannot recommend Michael Platt more highly to anyone looking for an engagement ring. I walked in knowing nothing about what was involved and was expertly guided through the design process by Jordan over a series of 4 visits. At no point did I feel pressurised to make a decision or spend more than felt comfortable and Jordan has created the most stunning ring that my fiancé is delighted with.

George Lenon
East London

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