General Jewellery Repairs are offered on site and are carried out by skilled Goldsmiths within our in-store Workshop, visible from the shop.


The Goldsmiths undertake all repairs such as ring sizing, re-tipping stone claws, re-rhodium plating, cleaning and polishing to put the sparkle back, general breakage, gemstone, pearl and diamond replacement, gemstone and diamond re-polishing, building up worn links, chain repairs etc. Each repair is unique and in order for the Goldsmiths to understand the necessary work, they need to see the repair to quote accurately.

Michael Platt recommends that all jewellery is regularly checked by a professional working Goldsmith, for wear and damage every two or so years particularly rings as rings worn daily receive the most wear-and-tear. A misconception held by some is that jewellery is everlasting and never wears out; unfortunately, this is just not the case. Platinum is a harder wearing metal but it is not indestructible and will wear with time; gold is softer and therefore wears down faster. To ensure that your jewellery remains in excellent condition and is long lasting, please do bring it in to be checked, it may need a little Michael Platt TLC. If you have knocked or caught your jewellery or can feel a ring claw that is sharp or a stone that is loose or spinning, for peace of mind visit Michael Platt to have your jewellery examined and checked before further damage or loss occur.

Please bring your repair to our Wimbledon store or feel free to call us on 020 8947 4772 to discuss this or have any questions before you visit.

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Michael Platt are able to restore damaged or worn out jewellery pieces, replacing ring bands, rebuilding up weak stone claws, re-polishing chipped stones.


Michael Platt offer a restringing service, either with or without knots and particularly recommend that pearls are regularly restrung whether or not they show wear.

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