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Why consider designing a unique piece of jewellery?

Not sure where to start or whether to make this journey but would like to really take someone’s breath away and surprise someone special with an amazing piece of jewellery unique to them? If you would love to give a very special lasting and memorable individual engagement and wedding ring, an exceptional Christmas, birthday, wedding or […]


The meaning behind the Michael Platt Dove

The Dove has been a prominent symbol above the front door of our shop in Church Road, Wimbledon Village SW19 for nearly 30 years. Doves are closely associated with love and peace. The dove was singled out to represent romance because Greek mythology associated the small, white bird with Aphrodite, the goddess of love (known […]


The History of The Engagement Ring: 1900s to Today

The giving and receiving of an engagement ring is a serious milestone in your relationship. Although ancient Egyptian mummies have been discovered with metal bands on the third finger of their left hand, the first recorded proposal with a diamond ring was in 1477, and by the end of the 19th century, engagement rings set […]