Design Your Own Jewellery in London

Michael Platt gives you the unique opportunity to design your own jewellery, using our 30 years of experience in the jewellery industry and working closely with our in-house Goldsmiths and Craftsmen, located in our store.

If you are looking to design a piece of bespoke jewellery for a special occasion, we are here to help you. Our warm and friendly staff would be delighted to welcome you to our flagship store based in Wimbledon, where we have been located since the 1980s and have worked with people from all over London and the UK.

Our main goal is to deliver a beautiful and bespoke piece of jewellery that is unique just to you. Whether you have some sketches made up or are still deciding, we can help turn your designs into a reality. You can choose from necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets and select your favourite stones, colours and metals and include things like personal messages and engravings too.

We love working with people, listening, advising and creating whilst working within your budget to your exact requirements and specification.

Design Diamond Jewellery 

If you are looking to design diamond jewellery, we can talk you through the 4 c’s of carat, colour, cut and clarity and we have access to a range of diamonds and gemstones directly from the raw material suppliers. It is our extra attention that is put in to coordinate the stones and settings and the use of excellent cutting and polishing that truly brings out its sparkle.


How Our Design Process Works 

1. Initial Consultation

If you have a very definite idea of what you require we will be able to quote immediately – if not, we will discuss all aspects of the intended piece; budget, stones, metal choice, settings, everyday wear or special occasion wear,  style, contemporary or classic etc. Sketches may be produced at this stage. View our portfolio of previous commissions

2. Design Brief

From the brief taken and agreed – detailed drawings, as near to actual size as possible, will be created to begin to bring your piece of jewellery to life.

3. Source & Select Stones

If necessary, source gemstones or diamonds for selection direct from raw material suppliers – as manufacturers, our long-term business relationships enable us to offer only the highest quality stones at extremely realistic prices.

4. View The Designs and Stones

You will be able to view the designs and stones, with the opportunity to make any amendments. Agree detail to begin to bring your piece of jewellery to life.

5. Final Approval

Approve final details, design and necessary materials required for the piece.

6. Costs & Timeline

Confirm price and delivery date (once instructed, on average, a bespoke piece will take between three & six weeks to complete). To bring your creation to life, we require a 50% deposit.

7. Producing your Jewellery

Depending on the method used – your piece may be first be freely hand carved in wax, prior to casting.  We can invite you to view your piece in its creative first wax stage if appropriate or a CAD detailed drawing and plan will be created from which the piece may be cast.

If it is to be cast, you may see your piece, still in a very raw state, for fitting prior to any stones being set.

Once your piece has been set and polished, it is sent to the Assay Office for Hallmarking.

8. Final Visit & Collection

The final visit is always a very special rewarding experience. It is joyful and satisfying for us to be able to present a piece of jewellery that has been created directly with client input that is meaningful and will become treasured, and much loved.

Our recipe for success is to offer a very personal service, high professional standards mixed with a little fun and lots of joy in delivering beautifully crafted jewellery to you.

This very personal stage by stage service is only available to customers visiting our shop for face to face consultations.

The final 50% payment is required on completion and can be paid either prior to or on the day of collection before the piece is released.

Re-Design Your Own Jewellery 

Our team of Goldsmiths are able to re-design any existing jewellery that you have. Maybe it is a wedding ring or inherited piece of jewellery that needs an upgrade. With our jewellery restorations services, we can offer a good clean and polish, removing any chips and scratches and making it seem as new. We can also replace any gemstones or diamonds with new beautiful stones and bring new life to a piece of jewellery. 

Make an Appointment Today 

Our family-run business is always friendly and happy to receive new enquiries. Simply call us today on 0208 947 4772 and make an appointment using the button below. We would love to speak to you and find out more about your requirements and how we can design the perfect piece of jewellery just for you or your loved one.

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