Our Accreditations

Michael Platt are proud to be accredited by the following organisations.

London Diamond Bourse

The London Diamond Bourse (a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses) is an exclusive institution, whose history, traditions and facilities make it unique in the UK. Members subscribe and are bound by an historic code of conduct which includes integrity, moral obligation, the highest standards of trade and best business practice. The London Diamond Bourse is recognised by the Foreign and Commonwealth office as a Trade Organisation.

Being a member of the London Diamond Bourse provides customers with assurance that they are trading with an individual who has pledged to uphold the traditions, principals of mutual trust and consideration within our industry.

Buying a stone or jewellery from a member of the London Diamond Bourse assures that the goods purchased are from a vetted professional of good standing who is accountable to the industry for their business dealings.

The London Diamond Bourse is the only Diamond Trading floor of its type in the country. Membership to the organisation is earned, not automatically granted. The sole purpose is to provide regulation and support to the UK diamond industry as well as inspire consumer confidence in the trade.

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The National Association of Jewellers

The National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) was formed in 2015 through the unification of the British Jewellers’ Association (BJA) and National Association of Goldsmiths (N.A.G) and represents over 1,800 members whose businesses operate in every aspect of the jewellery industry. The association will lead, serve and represent the jewellery industry by promoting, protecting and providing for its members through offices in London and Birmingham, supported by both a strong internet presence and social media. We offer targeted industry-leading professional development and training and inspire consumer confidence to purchase from our members through a Code of Practice setting the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and ethical business practices. Our Coat of Arms is a Mark of Quality that our members proudly display to build an enduring bond of trust with their consumers. The NAJ is the largest trade association member within The British Allied Trades Federation (BATF), where the BJA has thrived for many years.

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Fellow of the Institute Of Professional Goldsmiths

The Institute of Professional Goldsmiths (IPG) is an organisation that promotes and supports specialist craftspeople in the Jewellery Industry who are closely examined and deemed by fellow members to have reached levels of work of the highest calibre and produce only the finest workmanship. The IPG strives to maintain and promote the highest standards of craftsmanship in all aspects of the industry; it is a small organisation with less than 200 selective members of which only around 100 are active ‘Fellow’ members in the UK. The highest level of membership, is a “Fellow” ( FIPG).

‘Technology is certainly useful, but craft skills and true creativity cannot be emulated by mechanical devices; the finest jewels are made with skill and passion, not by binary codes and machines.’

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