Jewellery Care

A little TLC will help maintain your jewellery and keep it sparkling and vibrant.


Keep jewellery in a safe, secure and dry location.

To avoid dents and scratches, ensure that individual items are stored separately – separate compartments, boxes or soft pouches.

We advise customers to return regularly once a year to check that settings, on rings in particular, are secure and not worn.

Avoid contact with strong chemicals.

It is advisable to have up to date jewellery valuations.

Diamond Jewellery

To keep your diamond jewellery sparkling, soak in warm mild soapy water for around 20 minutes and use a soft toothbrush to remove any build up of deposits from the back and sides of the stone(s). A clean lint free cloth can be used to dry and buff up the diamonds and metal. Never use abrasive cleaners – or if you are passing the shop, we never mind cleaning our jewellery in the ultrasonic cleaner.

Diamonds are strong and hard, but can be chipped by a hard blow: points on fancy cuts and edges can be vulnerable. We recommend that diamond jewellery is removed before heavy work, or a workout in the gym! As one diamond can scratch another, it is sensible to store your diamond jewellery separately.


Clean platinum and gold jewellery in the same way you would other jewellery, soak in warm mild soapy water and dry and buff up with a lint-free cloth.

Platinum and gold jewellery can be professionally polished and cleaned in our workshop and returned to a good as new condition for a minimal charge. White gold can be re-rhodium plated and polished, however, it is only likely to wear on rings and bracelets.

Despite platinum being a hard and durable metal, it can scratch. It is not indestructible and in exceptional circumstances can be crushed or squashed, especially if carrying out regular heavy or mechanical work or lifting weights.

Gold is not as durable and hard wearing as platinum, and will, over time, wear down when worn regularly. In the life of a piece of gold jewellery it is likely that it will require ‘maintenance’ or ‘restoration’ work. To have maximum enjoyment from your jewels, let us check them regularly for wear on claws, rub-settings and bands on rings and clasps and links on bracelets and necklaces.

Due to the different properties of gold and platinum – we strongly advise against wearing platinum alongside gold; the harder metal, platinum, will wear into the softer metal, gold.

Gem Set Jewellery

As with diamonds, most gem set jewellery will benefit from soaking in warm mild soapy water followed by the use of soft toothbrush to remove any build up of deposits on the stones.

IT IS ESSENTIAL TO NOTE that the following stones SHOULD NOT be immersed in water:-


Due to their organic nature, pearls are delicate, soft and porous and liable to scratch; keep them in their original box or in a soft pouch away from other jewels.

Apply perfume, hair spray and other cosmetics before putting pearls on, minimising the contact.

After wearing, pearls can be wiped over with a damp cloth – do not immerse in water.

Pearls can be professionally cleaned and depending on the amount of wear we suggest regular annual re-stringing. Pearls are strung on silk thread which is prone to stretch and fray.




Enjoy your jewels.

If you have any questions regarding the care of your jewels, please do not hesitate to contact us for expert advice

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